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What We Accept

We accept a wide range of music. We are not strictly Texas “Country”. We are Texas Music. If you want an idea of what we play, fire up the stream and listen for an hour then ask yourself, “Do I fit here?”

That being said, here are our general criteria for deciding whether or not you’ll be added.

  • We only accept music directly from the artist or the artist’s management. No fan submissions.
  • The artist must live in Texas OR be from Texas OR tour primarily in Texas OR be a substantial influence on many of the existing RFT artists OR be someone that we seriously dig.
  • The music must be in a decently produced format. We’ve accepted board tapes and songs recorded in a bedroom before. That’s because the listeners couldn’t tell. We’ve also rejected albums and songs recorded in a studio but sounded like they were produced by a pack of drunken lemurs. That’s because the listeners would have shown up at the Off-White House with torches and pitchforks. In other words, rough is cool. Gitmo-style interrogation by music is not.
  • An artist has to have 90% or more original material. A cover or two is cool but we are about original music. If I wanted to hear an album of Britney Spears covers, I’d just go throw myself off a bridge. The one, and only one, exception to this rule, is if you are covering someone who is already an RFT artist.


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