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  I always wondered where the saying came from. “We’ve got more _______ than Carter’s got little liver pills.” Then I had to add all of this music.  Not sure about Carter, his liver pills or his taste in music, but we’ve got a new wad of liver revitalizing tracks. Got some new releases and […]

New year. New music. We’ve just done the first new music add of the new year and IT IS A WHOPPER. It’s mostly brand new material but hidden within are some rare older gems. Request away and enjoy the new tunes for the new year.

A few weeks back I got an email from one of our listeners, Michael Sabin. He was having a little technical difficulty and so we worked to get his tunes cranking again. After a few email exchanges he challenged me to a test, on the honor system of not using Google. I was up to […]

ATTENTION! We have been asked by the legal department to issue the following warning. Given the sheer volume of music on Radio Free Texas, you may experience the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis by requesting all of the new music. Symptoms are likely to be limited to the finger that you use to […]

If your answer was music then we are in sync. Not the boy band. If your answer was anything other than music, then you need to listen to RFT more. Ok. The “snarknado” threat has now passed. Let’s talk about new music, shall we? There is more new music. You should request it. That is […]

Back from Rowdy Float Trip 2014 and getting settled back in. While we were gone and since we’ve been back, the mailbag is way full with new music. Included in this batch are new albums from Micky & The Motorcars, Billy Joe Shaver and Phil Pritchett. We’ve also got new singles from Stoney Larue, Mario […]

The seventh annual Harestock Music Festival will take place August 15-17 at The Beer Joint (12550 Hwy 30 E.) in College Station, TX. Harestock is a non-profit festival started in 2008 by local B/CS band, Ben Morris and the Great American Boxcar Chorus. Every year, new charitable organizations are chosen to receive proceeds from Harestock. […]

Still on a quest to fill in gaps on the playlist, we present to you more DANGED music. This Monday brings more back catalog from some long-established RFT artists plus some newer material. Get ready to blow your requests because this batch demands it.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook ( you saw the tease yesterday about a wad of new adds coming to the playlist. Well… new for the most part. Rather than wait until Monday, we went ahead and did the musical equivalent of the Berlin Airlift. We’ve got brand new music from brand […]

No new albums but a wad of new singles have been added to the Radio Free Texas playlist. Go get your week kicked off by requesting the new stuff.