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Beyond the great music that comes out of this scene, there are other things that have always blown me away. Primary among them is how the fans and artists come together to support one another. The physical manifestation of this support can be found with Ben Morris and the Great American Boxcar Chorus. They are […]

It’s time for another installment of “The Five” and bringing the heat this go around is Dusty Smirl. Dusty is an artist whose name is popping up all over Texas. With a sound that is reminiscent of the Texas Music scene that so many of us fell in love with, do yourself a service and […]

It’s official. Ray Price has left us. While many of the current generation may not know Ray or understand why he was important, one person puts Ray’s life and passing in a context that any one can understand. With a sudden blitz of Ray Price memorials, obits, remembrances and tribute, Singer/songwriter, Shad Blair, seems to have […]

“I’ll never hear ‘Smoke on the Water’ quite the same again.” – Steve Judice, “Deep Water Horizon” I guess when someone is lost, songs change. Or maybe in a great cosmic sense, the meaning was always there waiting to comfort you, or maybe even stab you in the gut with a fresh memory. Songs are […]

Granger Smith has partnered with CMT for a two-week promotional campaign that will culminate in the world premiere of his new music video, “Miles and Mud Tires.” The Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 28) premiere will debut across CMT platforms including, CMT Pure, CMT Mobile and the CMT App. Starting today, will air six […]

James Pardo, a Rowdy favorite and fixture at Radio Free Texas events, is getting ready to drop a new album and wants to get you in on some sneak peek action. Pardo’s much anticipated follow-up to “Autobiography, Chapter 1”, titled “American Lotus” is due out soon and James wants to give everyone a taste.  Last […]

Welcome to the second installment of our Radio Free Texas “Behind the Mic” interviews. Up now is the man behind some of the best songs on the scene, and the funniest darn posts on Facebook and Twitter. Bo Phillips is an Okie with songs that can make you cry, and one-liners that can keep you […]

We’ve just added a crap ton of new music. Yes. Crap Ton is an actual unit of measurement used in certain countries. If you want to figure out how to convert that into something that is understandable (unlike converting English into the metric system), look at the list after the jump. If you can work […]

Here is another installment in our “Five Question” series.  This week we caught up with Junior Gordon, who by the way is our special guest on the Radio Free Texas Songwriter’s Showcase.   If you are in the New Braunfels area, make sure to stop in to Billy’s Icehouse on Tuesday at 8pm. Enjoy a […]

After over twenty years of playing music, the last five of which have been spent playing full time, Mark McKinney still approaches his music with the enthusiasm and drive many lack, and few will ever put forth. Growing up in Big Spring, the McKinney house was filled with the sounds of the Beatles, Stones, Charlie […]