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Phineus Reb CD Release

Phineus Reb May 16, 2017

Who is Phineus Reb, you may ask? Legend has it, that out in the pines of East Texas a banjo picking moonshiner named “Phineus Reb”, caught his Sweets in the arms of a Pipeliner that sold her dreams of oil fortunes. All were were never heard of again…………….Until now………….. The Reb has Returned, in the form of a high speed whirlwind of twisted twang, interwoven with bluegrass stylings, sung from the souls of the tormented. Cody Kouba, Chip Oliphant, Aaron Notgrass and Dan Payne centralize the group, writing, arranging, and playing their tunes, an East Texas Music experience……………………………. Glad you stopped in, continue to look around!

PHINEUS REB came to be in December of 2014, when Cody Kouba, Aaron Notgrass, Dan Payne and Chip Oliphant, put their amplifiers/ heads together and breathed the “REB” to life. All have had careers chasing their own neon rainbows in similar markets and venues, so it only made sense to combine all of the various efforts and talents to this polyphonic stew.

CODY KOUBA (VOCALS, GUITAR, BANJO) Lead singer, songwriter and picker: Cody Kouba has been turning heads in Texas Music and the music industry since 1998. Music forged from his bluegrass leanings and the dance halls of East Houston, Cody has been writing, performing, picking guitar/banjo/ piano, working stages, and playing different roles as they presented themselves throughout his career. Cody released both “Long Road Ahead”(2002) and “Days and Nights”(2008), which were pioneering albums that helped hone his sound and develop the experience that it takes to arrange and orchestrate a band of PRB’s ambition. These albums, along with his eccentric stage shows, allotted Cody opportunities second to none. However, as in many cases, life circumstances made for bad timing, and a break was inevitable.

STAGES: PRBS AWAKENING (THE ALBUM) During this pause in performing, Cody shifted his focus to his reality and the things that were taking place around him. While struggling with his own battles and conflicts, Cody rediscovered an old, familiar outlet….his pen. Delving deeper within himself, he started compiling ideas from years spent on the road, striking chords on his guitar and chords within his heart. Unsure of his next move, Cody began to show his writings and arrangements to friend and producer, steel/banjo man, Brian Thomas. Brian, seeing the potential in Cody’s project, involved himself and began setting up studio time with their friend and previous collaborator Andy Bradley, at Sugarhill Studios in Houston, TX. Andy was delighted and eager to do what he could to enable both Brian’s and Cody’s creative processes to flow. They began burning the candle at both ends, While occupying the studio after hours, little by little, doing whatever it took to give the ideas the direction they deserved. The record took 6 years from start to finish. They hand selecting the most outlandish and crazy, to heartfelt and fun blend of Texas Tonkin’ Tunes with the bluegrass flavor that they could muster up. The end result is a 14 song album making headways on airwaves as we speak! “Cody Kouba Stages: Phineus Rebs Awakening” !

WHO TO PERFORM WITH? Sharing stages with Angels & Outlaws has never been a problem for Cody, but in 2014 the hunt was on for a band who could or would be up for this brand twisted twang and bluegrass mix. Who would be willing to put in the time and dedication it takes to bring the emotion of the album and music alive? Was there anyone out there who could bring the exuberance and energy that it takes to wow them in an East Texas Honky Tonk and National Bandstands alike. The answers to these questions were literally blocks away.

AARON NOTGRASS (DRUMS/VOCALS) Aaron Notgrass grew up with Cody and had been behind a set of drum since he was a child. Cody and Aaron have been collaborating in bands since ’98 on and off, yet both also pursued different opportunities throughout the years. Aaron has played professionally and toured with many traveling and local acts. His roots and talents seemed to fit the part for the PHINEUS REB project well; it was a no brainer for Aaron to put aside that grind to come aboard.

DAN PAYNE (BASS/ HARMONICA/ VOCALS) Dan Payne our bass/ blues harp man and is all soul. Dan has worked in and out of the East Houston Music scene picking up bass jobs, singing and bringing his own blend of high energy simplicity to the stage and ripping harp solos to every patron that would lend and ear. This was really a requirement for a group like the PRB concept. Dan seemed a sure fit. He was highly optimistic about the new project and couldn’t wait to get to work with Notgrass (drums) to start laying the backbone of this Jazzy/Bluegrass/Rockin/Honky-Tonk blend that PRB refers to as “ HONKY-GRASS”!

CHIP OLIPHANT (LEAD GUITAR/ SONGWRITER/ VOCALS) Another piece was still needed to complete this East Texas power team. It was decided that a guitar aficionado, who could handle the twin tele-stylings and flat picking precision, seemed to be the type- cast. This worked out really great because Dan (bass) was already working on another project with a guy that fit the bill. Chip Oliphant, with his unbridled and articulate display of character and taste on his guitar added an essential asset of contrasting artistry to the sound that is the REB and immediately the ideas began to flow. Writing and twinning guitars aside Cody, Chip became a power house in the group. Sharing the payload, Chip began to sing his new material as well, thus adding a whole new dynamic to the stylings and the sound of PHINEUS REB!!!

PAT MATULA (Fiddler) a later Add to the group, and in true Texas Fashion you got to have a fiddle in the Band! Pat maTula Having been acclaimed No.1 fiddler and Tagged on the Famed wall of Legends at the Great TeXAS Fiddle off in the Great Halletsville, Tx was a great add and in the likeness of the Great Gene Elders Pat spoils the audiences with that tasty Texas swing but hammers it on when the “Grass” goes down!

Josh Norman (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) A longtime Picking Friend of Cody’s who brief stent came in to Help the Reb out HAs a home with the Group. Norm is Currently adding Road Support…….as a songwriter hisself, Josh has been opening up Acoustic shows, Playing Bass in the interim, and Keeping the rhythm Section fat. He is a great mix to the group, and is second to none in video and Audio engineering! A great member to this Fantastic team of artists!

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