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The Five – Zane Williams

Written by on May 4, 2015

Zane Williams is everywhere these days. So we subjected him to our grueling five question interview. SPOILER ALERT: He passed with flying colors.

What is the last song that you listened to? Like, literally, the last song.

Literally? “Next to Me” by local DFW artist Crystal White. She gave me a CD and asked for advice/feedback. I get CDs from folks at gigs all the time and I do my best to listen to them all (at least long enough to see if they’re any good).

When you gig, other than your instrument, what is one thing that you can’t gig without?

At the show itself? Nothing. Water is nice but not essential. On the road though, there are several items that I always have to have close by…. IPhone, ear buds, phone charger, sunglasses, sunflower seeds, book on tape, Sharpies, capos, gum/mints, water.

What is your advice to an artist just starting out?

No one has the answer for how to make you successful…you have to jump in and find your own way. It takes talent, persistence, business savvy, connections, and a significant amount of money to invest before you become profitable (unless you’re just a solo act, which is easier).

Who would you like to write a song with and why?

Because of the way my brain works, I write best solo. But I would make an exception for Zac Brown, Brad Paisley, or any major label artist whose music I actually like because it would give me a better chance of having them cut one of my songs!

Favorite type of show and why? Acoustic, full-band, house concert, etc.

Tough call…they each have cool things about them. I guess right now my favorite kind of show is a full band show in a packed club, with an enthusiastic crowd giving us a lot of energy. Who wouldn’t love that?


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