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Willie Nelson Apologizes

Written by on May 7, 2014

Willie Nelson has released a video for his brand new single “The Wall”.

Before you think this is Willie covering Pink Floyd, it’s not. But it seems that Willie and the protagonist from the PF version share something in common. 


The video, released exclusively on Rolling Stone, highlights Willie’s career and, combined with the lyrics of the song, provide a contrast between the Willie that we know and the Willie that is an actual living, breathing person.

As it says in the Rolling Stone article:

“The Wall,” which appears on Nelson’s forthcoming album, Band of Brothers, is a sort of mea culpa for the country icon. He apologizes for getting burnt out, lashing out at his friends and loved ones and “taking things” to deal with the pangs of road life, as a plaintive harmonica wails in the background. It’s honest and soul bearing, and, in the end, he proclaims, “the wall came down.”

Check out the video below.


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