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The Five – Dusty Smirl

Written by on February 18, 2014

It’s time for another installment of “The Five” and bringing the heat this go around is Dusty Smirl.

Dusty is an artist whose name is popping up all over Texas. With a sound that is reminiscent of the Texas Music scene that so many of us fell in love with, do yourself a service and go catch a live show and buy the album.

Better yet, buy two albums and give one to your friend.

Check out Dusty’s answers after the jump.


What is the last song that you listened to? Like, literally, the last song.

“Say Something ” by A Great Big World. An amazing song that has so many different meanings depending on your situation… beautifully written.

When you gig, other than your instrument, what is one thing that you can’t gig without?

I would have to say that the one thing I can’t gig without the most is water. I push my voice a lot during shows and forcing myself to drink lots of water relaxes me and makes sure I feel my best vocally for the shows. It makes me confident that when I decide to push myself I know I can get away with it.

What is your advice to an artist just starting out?

The advice I could give a new artist is to determine exactly what it is that you really want and then work a little harder every day to achieve it. Be wiling to work harder than anyone else to get what you dream about because it will not be given to you. Secondly, get rid of any negativity and hatred that surrounds you it will only drag you down. Surround yourself with people who think positively and have a strong work ethic. Lastly, in everything you do….BE HONEST!!!!

Who would you like to write a song with and why?

I’ve got two people for this one…

#1. Sean McConnell. He pours emotion and honesty into his songs that truly makes a listener feel as if though they have lived his songs. He leaves just the right amount of void in his lyrics for you to put yourself inside them and go on the journey with him. His live shows are just as intense as his writing and are really something to admire.

#2. Jason Isbell. Jason has an incredible talent with language and vocabulary. I’m really curious about his method of writing. I want to know how he establishes his ideas and begins the process of the song, and if that song turned out how he imagined it would. His new album “Southeastern” is absolutely incredible.

Favorite type of show and why? Acoustic, full-band, house concert, etc.

I haven’t played many house concerts, but the ones I have been apart of have been great. Acoustic and full band shows each have their place and time. The energy of a full band behind me is incredible, especially with a lively crowd but the rawness and honesty of an acoustic show is equally amazing. I think most songwriter’s would agree that it is very hard to beat playing an acoustic show to a captive listening audience.


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