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The Boxcars Need Your Help

Written by on March 30, 2014

Beyond the great music that comes out of this scene, there are other things that have always blown me away.

Primary among them is how the fans and artists come together to support one another. The physical manifestation of this support can be found with Ben Morris and the Great American Boxcar Chorus.

They are charitable and go out of their way to support every artist in this scene when the opportunities present themselves.

Now is time to lend them a hand.

The Boxcars are working to raise the capital to put out their next CD and have launched a Kickstarter project.

You can read about it at this link:

Rather than tell you all about the new album, who’s producing, who’s playing and all of that jazz, I want to tell you why you should pitch in.

There are two reasons: altruism & power.


The Boxcars have been good to Texas music, Radio Free Texas and every artist that we play. They have worked their tails off for charitable causes and put on one massive event each year exclusively for charity. Harestock has been responsible for funnelling untold dollars into the coffers of charities and has made a major impact.


Don’t you think it’s time that you exercise your power and have a say in what music enters the market. Instead of begging at the feet of the masters in Nashville or Los Angeles, the Boxcars, much like most of the artists that we play, have chosen the independent path. They have chosen to make the music that they want to make and not what they are told to make. 

Oppotunities like this are a chance for you to have power over Texas Music. As some in the scene are working to make Texas a junior version of the two aformentioned music death zones, this is a way for you to strike a blow for musical freedom in Texas. 

Power is muscle and just like a muscle, you use it or lose it.

That being said, whichever reason you choose, choose one. Do it because you have a heart or because you have a fist.

Here is that link again.


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