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Shad Blair’s Ray Price Send Off

Written by on December 17, 2013

It’s official. Ray Price has left us.

While many of the current generation may not know Ray or understand why he was important, one person puts Ray’s life and passing in a context that any one can understand.

With a sudden blitz of Ray Price memorials, obits, remembrances and tribute, Singer/songwriter, Shad Blair, seems to have summed up, and in the process, crafted the best.

In brief, he tells you why he cares and therefore, why you should, too.

Below is the text of Shad’s post on Facebook.


I am sad to hear of Ray Price’s passing. I think the loss is far more than just a life well lived that ended due to health decline. No matter what age it arrives, death comes too soon for those that know the individual personally and for some youngster that only knows music through competitions on TV, Ray was probably just some old man who sang their dad’s or granddad’s favorite tunes. But just like Bill Monroe, who put a suit on Bluegrass music and made the world take note of it’s beautiful complexity, Ray brought an unprecedented style and sophistication to country music, which in turn brought about a whole new audience. With a voice like Mr. Price’s, I imagine Beethoven couldn’t keep from shedding a tear in his Bier had he been around during Ray’s day. Country music owes a great many thanks to Ray Price for broadening the spectrum and since most of the new “country” acts may be too busy blurring the lines, judging contests, and begging their audience to take note of how country they are, instead of focusing on making great music (or at least good music)… I’ll say Thank you from the bottom of my heart and rest easy ole Cherokee… we’ll be seein ya again.


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